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How close is Intel is developing software development tools for embedded ARM processors that are as easy to use?

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Hello, I have a question but would like to give a brief introduction. My co-worker and I were discussing a new hardware design that would be an upgrade to an existing board. We decided on a DSP processor and the FPGA. We started talking about the design and said we could do things a lot faster if we put the software that is supposed to run on the DSP processor put it on the FPGA with embedded ARM cores. Everything done on a single device, how great it is. But, then we started talking about the complexities of programming the embedded ARM cores. We know of another co-worker that is using a Cyclone FPGA with embedded ARM cores and how long it has taken him to learn the tools and his comments on the development tools. We started talking that if a company could develop a suit to tools that would make it possible for the Hardware Designer to hand-off the board to the Software Development folks or End user and the tools would be so simple that they could compile their C/C++ code, debug their code in-ciruit, and program the code into the device all without bugging the Hardware Designer, wow! That would be the ultimate! 

Here's my question, has Intel reached that point in their tools for FPGA's with embedded ARM cores?

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Hi, you can take a look into open CL what Intel can offer.
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