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Problem in Linux booting on Custom Board of Cyclone V SX


We have designed a custom board using Cyclone V SX SOC whose image we have attached with this request.


We have tested all the interfaces of our board and the board is working perfectly fine. We have been able to UBOOT using uSD Card even but we are unable to boot the Linux completely. It gets stuck at some point and we really need help as we have to dispatch the board to US in the coming month.


We have tried quite a bit but we are unable to boot complete Linux here. I have also attached the message we get during Linux boot with this email. We suspect that the device tree blob for the custom board is

not correct but we are not completely sure.


Another issue that we are facing again is a software issue in case of RGMII as we have changed our RGMII chip from KSZ9021 to KSZ9031 and hence we are unable to PING using UBOOT. So what changes we can do in uBOOT to initiate PING? However, in case Linux gets booted, this problem can be solved from there.


Hence, I request forum to kindly help us in this so that our issue gets sorted out and we are able to proceed for production here. This once successful has considerable business opportunity for us as we

have been working on this design for more than a year now. This has a potential of upto 500 boards finally for one application.


Will appreciate your reply in this regard.



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Hello sir, This seems there is an issue with the image itself, the system was not able to mount ext3 from sdcard. I would recommend to burn the default image on your sdcard, then change the kernel (if needed), the preloader, uboot, dtb and rbf file. Please let me know if this could help. Once we settle the boot issue, we can investigate the ethernet issue. Thanks
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Hello Mr. FJumaah,


I thank you for the reply.


The problem was with the dtb file and hence I had to edit the xml files, comment a few lines and regenerate the dtb again.


Ethernet was a hardware issue, one series resistance on the transmission data lines was dry soldered, when corrected, off to fly.


Many Thanks

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