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Problem in getting and compiling u-boot for cycone V soc fpga DE10 Nano as per step 3.2 of this tutorial - using SoC EDS command shell on windows


Hello everyone,

I am trying to implement the tutorial on this website ) for DE10 Nano board. I am trying to implement the tutorial on Windows. However, I am getting an error in step 3.2 in the make mrproper command which was executed in SoC EDS command shell for windows. The error is as follows

$ make mrproper

process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, /cygdrive/d/Engineering/BTech_Project/Implementation/DE10/DE10-Nano_v.1.3.4_HWrevC_SystemCD/Demonstrations/SoC_FPGA/DE10_NANO_SoC_GHRD/software/gcc-linaro-6.3.1-2017.05-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabihf/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc -print-file-name=include, …) failed.

rm: cannot remove ‘SPL’: Is a directory

make: *** [clobber] Error 1

Can anyone please help me solve this error ?

Any help is appreciated

Thanks and Regards



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Hi, Please follow the Rocket Boards description, it is well tested and supported with the pre-compiled files which will make your life easier. in the link below select Cyclone V and the Quartus version you are using and action required. These are very useful references, please check them: Regards.
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