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What QUARTUS Release fixes Year 2038 bug?


We are using Cyclone IV chips (one is EP4CE30F23) with Quartus 11.1sp2 Build 259 and this NIOSII "system" *HAS* the Year 2038 bug because "time_t" is defined as a SIGNED 32-bit integer.

This is a PROBLEM, see


What version of QUARTUS (including GCC and RE-definition of "time_t") can I upgrade to in order to ensure dates after 2038 will work.


NOTE: I do *NOT* Care about dates PRIOR to 1970 so I am OK (and would actually PREFER) a simple change of "time_t" to UNSIGNED 32-bit Integer which would give us until 2106 (per link above)...our products won't last that long, but they certainly will be around past 2038.


We use SmartCards in our system and they generally have a 10 year Expiration Date so RIGHT NOW that is MID we are getting CLOSE to having issues (cards will start expiring PRIOR to 1970 and thus would be EXPIRED).

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