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bitbake virtual/kernel -c cleanall failed


I try to go through the procedure of site:

It always fail due to the network signal instability as I build yocto: ./create-linux-distro-release -t arria10 -c arria10-socdk -f yocto

fatal: unable to access '': gnutls_handshake() failed: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.


I find that it failed at cmd : bitbake virtual/kernel -c cleanall AND bitbake u-boot-socfpga -c cleanall.


It's rare to successed.


So can I download all relative resource first and work offline? Or have any other advices?

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Hi Xugen,

Please refer to the yocto page for downloading the kernels and Uboot sources.

You can edit the configurations and build as per the needs.

Please refer to links like this

for knowing how to do it for other devices.

Thanks and Regards