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Eclipse - Semantic error in ecall_enc1_sample function call in basic C++ project, not C project


I Eclipse, I've generated empty C and C++ projects, then given both an SGX nature and added an enclave with a sample application option.  In the case of the C project, I get no errors and the sample works.  In the C++ project, the generated code in sample.cpp,

ret = ecall_enc1_sample(global_eid, &ecall_return);

comes up with an error, "Invalid arguments. Candidates are int ecall_enc1_sample()".  However, the project compiles with no errors and executes without a problem.

Just wondering what is generating the error in the case of the C++ project, even though it compiles with no errors and runs.  The edl and enc1_u.h report no errors.


Update: Problem appears to be an Eclipse bug.

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