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How to decode the Platform Info Blob (PIB) returned by Intel® SGX IAS


The open-source sgx-decode-pib tool can be used to decode the Platform Info Blob (PIB) string returned by Intel® SGX IAS when performing remote attestation of an Intel® SGX enclave.

The tool is based on the Rust programming language so you must install Rust and run a build script before running the tool.

Note You must also install the Intel® SGX SDK  before building this tool.


 1. Install Rust:

Linux, macOS, or other Unix-like OS

Run the following command in a terminal

 $ curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh


Download and run rustup-init.exe (32-bit) or rustup-init.exe (64-bit)

 2. Download or clone the sgx-decode-pib Github repository:

 $ git clone

 3. Install dependencies and build the app:


Before building the app, make sure the file reflects the correct location of your SGX installation. The file assumes you have installed the Intel® SGX SDK at /opt/intel/sgxsdk. Edit this path in the file if it is not correct.

For Windows, specify the directory where SGX libraries are located, e.g.

let sdk_dir = env::var("SGX_SDK").unwrap_or_else(|_| "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Intel\\IntelSGXSDK\\bin\\x64\\Release".to_string());


$ cd sgx-decode-pib-rs-master
$ cargo build

4. Execute the tool:

$ cd target/debug
$ sgx-decode-pib <PIB>

Where <PIB> is the Platform Info Blob returned by IAS. It looks something like this: 00023232392323213012312213213000234941234…

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