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Need help to install IAS certificate on Ubuntu and Android.

Hello everyone, I need your help trying to understand how to use the certificate that I have registered with Intel to make HTTPS requests to the IAS (as referenced in the documentation).
I have a very short and simple Java program that makes a simple Retreive SigRL GET request to the IAS, just to test out if it works at all. But I keep getting SSLHandshakeException when it tries to execute the HTTPS request.
This tutorial generates a client.pfx file that can be used to import the certificate to other platforms. I have copied this file to the Ubuntu system that runs my Java program and double-clicked it to import it and everything seemed sucessful, but I still keep getting Exceptions when running the program.
I have also installed the client.crt file on Android using the option in (Settings)>(Lockscreen and security)>(Other security settings)>(Credential Storage/Install from device storage). When I try to run this code from an Android Activity (just by copypasting the method), I get the exact same error. I need to be able to make the IAS requests both from Ubuntu and Android (7.0, API 24). The certificate I generated using this tutorial is already registered with Intel (I have received E-Mail confirmation and a service provider ID from Intel Developer Services).


I have attached my Java program and the console output to this forum post as a zip archive. The code is very short and simple so you might want to check it out. Here are pastebins of the program code and the output:



In principle the only thing I need to know is how to properly use/install the certificate that I generated on both Ubuntu and on Android and if I am properly issuing the HTTP request in the program. I am still a student and I need to work with SGX for a project, so please bear with my limited knowledge. I would be very grateful for an answer.
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