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SGX SDK Sample Code for CentOS -- needs protobuf


I purchased a NUC with SGX SDK installed.  I ran the centOS command "yum update" and the machine locked up.  It would not reboot.  I installed centOS 7.5 and downloaded the SGX SDK from the Intel website.  The sample code projects will compile but not run.  The runtime library libprotobuf 8 is not part of the "Development Tools" group for Centos 7.5 -- the SDK is targeted for CentOS 7.4 but I can no longer find a 7.4 download.

My questions are these (any answers is appreciated) :

Is protobuf only used for these examples (why use it at all) or is it part of the SGX SDK?

Is does anyone know where i can get an rpm for protobuf 8 -- I've seen other versions but only 8 will work?

How do I modify the code to no longer depend on this library?

Has anyone had a problem with updating this NUC with CentOS since 7.5 was released?


Thanks in advance

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Hi glenn,

The Rust SGX SDK supports protobuf in both HW and SW mode. The code sample is here at



Thanks for your reply and I will keep that in mind.  We have ordered another SGX SDK NUC unit and that information may be useful in the future. 

In the mean time I have reloaded with Ubuntu 16.04 and reloaded the SDK and the sample code builds fine. I have run some of the examples.

Glenn T