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Intel TXT and UEFI compatibility



I've been working on a UEFI bootloader that leverages Intel TXT. So far I'm able to boot into my MLE without issue. However I need to be able to use UEFI's protocols and boot services within the MLE. This means I have to restore some of the UEFI machine state (GDT, IDT, Page Tables, etc.) after entering the MLE.

For the most part this seems to work fine up to the point where I need to call UEFI's ExitBootServices. Doing so causes the display to turn off and the machine to reset after a few seconds. It doesn't seem to cause any fault that I'm able to catch with exception handlers.

I've tried restoring additional machine state like other control registers and MSRs, VT-d settings, and using the DPR instead of PMRs but none of these seem to affect the behavior.

The processor is an Intel Core i5-8365U. The TXT device ID is 0x1B0088086 and I'm using the SINIT module loaded by the BIOS.

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