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New Android phone text messages missing from Unison.


I should mention that my Phone is a OnePlus 7T Android V12.

New text messages on my phone do not always show up in the left text contacts window. When they show up in the left text contacts window only older texts shown in right message text window. It is as if the connection between my desktop and phone is intermittent and sometimes over hours or a day. It may take several minutes for the actual text message to appear if at all.

This happens when the phone is within 2 feet of my desktop Bluetooth dongle when my phone receives a new text and alerts me to it. If my phone is out of range of my Bluetooth dongle when I receive a text it may never show up in Unison unless I close and restart it.


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Since there is no option  to update I am using reply.

Today is May 30 2024

I hibernate my Windows 11 system every night.

I have a contact shown on the left with a date if May 25, I have messages from the contact on May 27  in the Unison message window on the right and messages on my phone on May 29.

I just got a notification from the USPS of an impending delivery on my phone with a few minutes delay for it to appear in the left contact window but nothing in the right message window. The last message for USPS is May 24.


I also did not get the popup text with the login one time code for this forum.

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hello Paul

Let me check and try to resolve it. but first, intermittent connectivity could be due to several factors, including software conflicts or Bluetooth signal interference. Since the issue persists even when the phone is close to the desktop dongle, we can rule out range issues.

Give these a shot,

Go to your phone's settings, find Unison app details, and clear the cache. Turn off Bluetooth on both your phone and desktop, wait for a few minutes, then turn it back on. But, ensure there are no other devices causing interference in the Bluetooth frequency range.


Although you mentioned there's no update option, please check both your phone's system updates and the Unison app's page on the Play Store for any available updates.

Unpair your phone and desktop, then pair them again. Adjust the hibernate settings on Windows 11 to ensure it doesn't affect the app's connectivity.


If these steps do not resolve the issue, it might be helpful to reinstall the Unison app or use an alternative until an update is available. 


but for those issue with the one-time code not popping up, please check if the notification settings for the app are configured to allow such pop-ups. If the problem persists, consider using an alternative method for receiving one-time codes, such as email.



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Sorry for taking so long to respond. The Forum got stuck in my Outlook junk box.

My Android phone says all Apps are up to date. The Windows version seems to be up to date according to Microsoft Store. If I restart Unison then it seems to work and shows the latest threads from my phone. The thing is if I walk away with my phone then it may not reconnect or doesn't sync the new phone messages with the current ones on the desktop properly.  

Just sitting composing this response to you I get a lost connection message on my Windows Desktop Unison and alternating Connecting or Standby on my Android Unison App.

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