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A CMake config (MKLConfig.cmake) for IntelMKL

I recently proposed a new FindMKL module to CMake : . The module utilizes modern CMake to provide a set of targets for easy consumption of Intel MKL from other CMake projects. However, CMake developers pointed out that the preferred way of consuming dependencies in CMake is for dependent packages to provide a MKLConfig.cmake file (similar to pkgconfig). I was wondering if there has been any discussion of developing, maintaining and distributing such file with future releases of Intel MKL?
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Hello Teodor,

We've recently had this discussion in MKL and there is a large chance a proper MKLConfig.cmake will appear in one of future MKL releases but I am not in position to make any promises. To release such a thing externally means that it should properly support all or most of possible options (OS, threading, compilers, etc.) so it is not an easy task and hence will not have a super-fast solution.

Anyway, thanks for your efforts on creating a version of findMKL.cmake.



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