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Big changes to directory structure and install in Intel MKL 10.3 beta

I've seen some questions over on the IPP forum about the new directory structure for the next release of IPP and MKL, but nothing yet over here. Has anyone installed the beta version (register here)? Any feedback? It's a pretty big change and I'm surprised I've not seen any question from confused users yet.

Some changes to note:
  • Default install directory is same as compiler now.
  • Dynamic libraries have moved
  • Threading runtime has moved to a common compiler folder (new to standalone users of MKL)
  • Documentation has moved to a higher level directory
  • Itanium processor libraries are not included
  • 'em64t' directory is no 'intel64'
  • No more frameworks on Mac OS* X
  • Architecture specific binaries are no longer provided on Mac OS* X; only universal binaries.
For more information on these changes, please see this article on directory structure changes in 10.3 and the Getting Started article.
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