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MKL FFT returns bins with 0 value.



I'm running an FFT with mkl ComputeForward and sometimes, some of the bins are 0 + 0i. 

Specifically, If I do a single, in place DFT of  20480 samples of a single 16K tone sampled at

1.024 MSps, all the bins have values except just one, which is zero. Curiously, the surrounding

bins seem ok.



-2.13270645e-13 -6.73710165e-13

-2.29536984e-13 -1.78759893e-12

0.00000000 0.00000000

-2.29536957e-13 1.78759893e-12

-2.13270550e-13 6.73710274e-13

-3.53691855e-14 2.86772993e-13



What can be causing this? I don't think it is a resolution problem because the failing bin should

fit in a float, I checked it doing the FFT with Octave.


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