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MKL failed to integrate VS 2017



After installation of MKL, I cannot see "Intel Performance Libraries" in property page. I'm using windows 10 and visual studio 2017. MKL version is 2018 update 1. 

Is there any good solutions to this problem. I'm in hurry....... 

I have installed many times, there is  no warning and error during installation....

Also, if I cannot see "Intel Performance Libraries" in property page, can I still use MKL by manually link MKL with VS 2017??

And how about using a lower version of visual studio, like 2015?

Thank you !!

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Hi PengJu,

Sorry for hear that.

for the install issue, you may submit your issue to our support site: Online Service Center , where our install team may help you find the cause.

for quick solution,   yes, you can still use MKL by manually link MKL with VS 2017. Please see the article

To link mkl manually include two steps:

1. add library path ( both include and library path )

In Project Property pages, select Configuration Properties » VC++ Directories;

2. link mkl library 

Linker » Input » Additional Dependencies, add the required MKL libraries (e.g. common link: mkl_intel_c.lib mkl_intel_thread.lib mkl_core.lib libiomp5md.lib).  you may need to choose  library from the  MKL Link Line Advisor

Best Regards,


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