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Dear all,

I am a non-commercial library user of the Intel MKL libraries, I guess I am not allowed to install the latest libraries for C++ and fortran compilers and also Intel MKL. I was wondering if that is possible to get the activation keys for the versions that I have downloaed and working some time ago in order to install them on our computational cluster to submit some batch jobs.

Please let me know how I can reach this information.

Best regards,

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Dear Umut,

Yes, you should have the keys for the vesion that you have downloaded. I just send one to your email  by Intel regristration center system.  You may try. 

For more information, please see the on-line articles

If you do not have a serial number and wish to register for an evaluation or non-commercial product:
  1. Go to the Intel® Software Evaluation Center or Non-Commercial Software Development Center
  2. Select the product for which you want to receive an evaluation or non-commercial version.
  3. Enter your email address, where you will receive your serial number, product download location and installation instructions.

Where do I find a license for my software product?
If you purchased the software product, a license is included with the product, but you need to register your product to get technical support and access to product updates. If you are using an evaluation version of the software product, the license will be copied to your system during installation.  For your convenience, the license file will also be attached to an email that Intel sends you after you register.

For all floating and node-locked licenses you must obtain a copy of the license file from your license server administr ator before installing the product.

Renewal licenses must be obtained from the  Intel® Registration Center and installed manually on the system.

If you have a problem with your license or registration, submit an issue to Intel StartUp Support.

Hope it helps,
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