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"malformed trie node" error


I am running an optimisation algorithm that calls, at each iteration, several executables compiled with ifort from Fortran 77 code.

Compiling goes fine and the algorithm execution runs without problems for several iterations (typically from 5 to 50), but eventually I get this error:

INTEL MKL ERROR: dlopen(/opt/intel/oneapi/mkl/2022.2.1/lib/libmkl_avx512.2.dylib, 0x0009): malformed trie node, child node extends past end of trie
symbol not found in flat namespace '_MKL_Detect_Cpu_Global_Lock'.
Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load libmkl_avx512.2.dylib or libmkl_mc3.2.dylib.  

I cannot find any occurrences of this message on this forum or elsewhere when googling it, so I am confused as to why it happens. 

The size of the objects (meshes) manipulated by the algorithm increases along its execution so I suspect this could be a memory problem, although I made sure the memory allocation in the fortran code should be able to handle much larger sizes than the ones at which the error occurs. The fact that it only happens after a number of iterations (and typically hours of runtime) makes it hard to narrow down to a minimal example too. 

I am using a Mac Pro from 2019 with Intel Xeon W processor running under macOS 12.1.

Has anyone encountered similar error messages? Apologies if I missed providing important information about the bug -- I am not an expert by any means. please let me know if additional details would help.



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Since the error message is output from inside an Apple MacOS system library, it is going to be next to impossible to trace the cause of the error back to your source code. An additional difficulty is that there can be many reasons that may lead to any single error in a system library, and it is usually not feasible to list or discuss all of those reasons and specify the remedy. There is also the possibility that the error originates in your code, the MKL library, or the OS itself.

It is quite likely that a long chain of several function calls were executed between your source code and the Apple Dylib. If you provide a working (preferably short) example code, something could be done.

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Moving to the MKL Forum.

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