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Hi everyone,

I have setup a wiki on the site with the intention of gathering community resources and documentation in a centralized location. I am working on adding content to the wiki in small steps, and would appreciate help from anyone from this forum.

There is an associated SVN repository (which I will place a link to in the wiki) which is for community contributed source code that is not part of the official TBB package. This might include extras (such as the parallel_for_each which was discussed in a separate thread), or just example programs that people wish to contribute.

It will take some time to create a valuable resource for TBB users that complements the official Intel site. There is a lot to do, so even if you are just learning about TBB feel free to document steps that you have taken to install it on your platform (a member from #tbb has already done this to improve installation documentation for Windows and Visual Studio).

If you are interested but not sure how to proceed, or want to just talk with other TBB people come to #tbb on freenode (IRC channel).


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