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Plans for XBox, PS3, Wii?


I wondering if it is planned to port TBB on other platforms like game
console (PS3, X360, WII) ?

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I doubt ports to the gaming consoles are anywhere on the to-do list for the TBB commercial code.

As is, the library does make use of x86/itanium assembly code. See src/tbb/ia32-masm/ for the functions defined. These at least would have to be rewritten for a port to a new platform (the same applies for the other post about porting to IBM/xlC).

I don't know what other issues might be encountered.

As far as whether there's a plan for the open source TBB to be ported... I think that's up to the community the evolves around the project to decide.
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I think such platforms as the PS3, etc, have topologies that might challenge current TBB partitioning strategies (it's a lot harder for a PE to steal work from another if that work resides in a remote memory), but I also think that the philosophy of focusing on the work, not the workers might reveal comparable mechanisms for such topologies that would permit the top level abstractions (like pipeline) to stay in place while the library changes to handle the architecture.But the interface might also have to evolve, like adding the pop_if_present() to the concurrent_queue to handle concurrency issues. Lots to think about.
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