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TBB is more complicated than OpenMP


In the past two years, I used OpenMP to make my codes run in parallel. OpenMP is easy to use and has a very goodefficiency.Despite of itsfortran-style, I enjoy touse it to solve my problems.

Recently, I want to study something about Intel TBB. As for TBB, although it ismodern C++-sytle, I find it's usage is much more complex than OpenMP.I have to write more linesthan using OpenMP.

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This is an acknowledged fact, because TBB targets standard C++, but using lambdas should provide significant relief.

(Added) Maybe somebody else could compare the state of the art in both solutions, or refer to such a comparison? There was a point where OpenMP was arguably less "powerful" than TBB, but TBB's lead may have increased or decreased.
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