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66MHz PCI and Core 2 Quad processor - motherboard support



I'm looking for a motherboard that supports:

Core 2 Quad Q9450 (755)

PCI Express video card

8GB DDR3 1333Mhz

But it also, will have a video capture card that requires a 66MHz pci slot and here is my problem.

I went to many different motherboards on Intel's web site and i can't find this feature (66MHz pci slot) on the specifications.

I'd like to know if someone can give me an opion/suggestion because i really want an intel motherboard on this workstation.

Thanks in advance.

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Before we move on to your search for the

motherboard, let me guide you over PCI support in newer motherboards and how to

cope if a motherboard comes without a PCI slot.

The newer motherboards come with PCI-X

support and just one or two conventional PCI slots at max. Let us say that you

don't find a motherboard with a PCI slot and you have to, by all means, plug in

your PCI card in a PCI-X slot.

PCI-X is backward compatible with PCI 2.0

only, not with PCI 1.0 and 1.1 because the minimum clock speed for PCI-X is

66MHz. If your card complies with the PCI 2.0 specification (66MHz) it will fit

and work without problems in the PCI-X slot, but if you have a 1.0 or 1.1 card

(33MHz) it won't work. Moreover, originally the PCI bus was a 5-volt bus.

Later, in PCI Revision 2.x, the PCI bus was a dual-voltage interconnect. In 3.0

this was changed to 3.3 volts only. The PCI-X bus is not compatible with the

older 5-volt cards but newer 3.3-volt PCI cards will work in a PCI-X slot so always

ensure that the PCI card complies with PCI 2.0 specifications in order to make

it work with PCI-X slot.

Now, coming to your query about the

supported motherboards; your requirement was;


Support for Quad

Core Q9450 Processor.


PCI Express

Video Card




  • Also, you


    have a video capture card that requires a 66MHz PCI slot.

Now first of all as I have explained earlier

that even if your motherboard does not have a PCI slot, you can plug your PCI

card in a PCI-X slot provided your PCI card is PCI 2.0 complaint.

Moreover, here is a list of Q9450 supported motherboards,

most of which fulfill your requirements; however out of all these, I would suggest that you go for either


because they fully meet your requirements. You can plug in Q9450 processor, a

PCI express video card and 8GB DDR3 1333MHz memory along with your 66MHz video

capture card as you get 2 PCI conventional add in controllers. These are

extreme series motherboards and might be a bit expensive but believe you me,

they will give you superb performance with a C2Q processor and to top it all,

since the audio is Intel HD audio (7.1 dolby) and also note that 38BT supports

both ECC and Non-ECC memory modules.

I hope you find either of these motherboards

useful, let me know if you encounter any problems, keep me posted.


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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