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AMT configured station not remotely accessible



After I configured AMT in MEBx, I am not able to access the web UI on port 16992, nor able to connect via any tool. Port seems to closed (based on the telent console behavior) so I suspect the problem should be in the MEBx configuration or HW support. For the MEBx configuration, I was able to configure other PCs (different HW) successfully which brings me to believe the setup may be correct.

If I'm able to configure it in MEBx and enable it in BIOS is it still possible there is an incompatible HW in the path? How could I narrow this down and find the piece that may cause it?

(Q77 chipset, AMT v8)

Thank you for suggestions,

Tomas Fabry

Honeywell International

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please provide more details on your Intel Core vPro system HW.

I assume you are trying to acces sit over Wired LAN - not Wireless ? and your network assign IP addresses using DHCP?


It may have two LAN interfaces while Intel AMT will work only on Intel® 82579LM one.


There is little chance that you may have MEBx BIOS module in your BIOS while AMT may be disabled in ME FW by OEM (permanently).

Please download full Intel SCS download package from Download Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) 11.0 and run SCS discovery tool on your system to capture AMT details into xml file.


Having AMT discovery xml file there will be possibility to tell more about AMT FW settings.


Dariusz Wittek


Intel EMEA Biz Client Solution Architect

PS. you can also contact me directly

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