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Altris and SCS5.x


We have SCS 3.x in our enviroment and we are planning to upgrade it to SCS5.x.

Is SCS5.x compatible with Altris(Symantec) as the management console?

Which version of SCS is more compatible with Altris?

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Altiris 6.3 ships SCS 3.x, Altiris 7.0 ships with SCS 5.x, so they are compatible. If you wish to have both SCS 5.x and Altiris, simply install Altiris 7.

If you have an existing SCS 3.x database that you wish to preserve for use with SCS 5.x\Altiris7, Altiris 7 install will automatically detect the SCS3.x service and associated DB and upgrade them both to SCS5.x.

If the Altiris 7 installer doesn't detect an existing SCS3 service and DB, here are workaround steps: [This process is not supported by either Intel or Symantec]

1.Download an SCS5.x installer:

2. Back up your SCS3.x DB.

3. Uninstall the SCS3.x service and console. The service will allow you the option of keeping the existing DB. Do so.

4. Install the SCS5.x service. Instruct it to use the existing DB. It will upgrade it from SCS 3.x to SCS5.x format.

5. Uninstall the SCS5.x service preserving the DB. This leaves only your SCS3.x DB upgraded to SCS5.

6. Install Altiris 7 making sure to include the OOB components. This will install the SCS5.x service, create a separate DB and install other components.

7. Uninstall the SCS5.x service removing the Altiris-created DB as well.

8. Re-Install the SCS5.x service using the Intel installer. Select custom install. Disable force secure connections. Direct the installer to the original SCS DB.

9. Install SCS5.x console.

10. Use the SCS console to log onto the SCS5.x service. Choose Tools > Settings > Intel AMT Configuration. Choose to retrieve parameters from a script. Set the script to c:\Altiris OOB Configuration\oobprov.exe.

Theoretically this will get you to the same place that auto-detection of a pre-existing SCS install by the Altris 7 installer would have. Again this process is not supported by Symantec or Intel.

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