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Are you interested in validating your hardware or solution in a realistic enterprise environment?



For the ISV's, Systems Integrators, OEM's out there - are you struggled with putting together an environment to validate your hardware / solution / offering in a realistic end user like environment before mass adoption of the solution in real enterprise environment? As we know, with the rapid adoption of Intel® vPro^TM technology, enterprise customer environments are introducing the Intel® vProTM / cProTM ^platform solution into an increasing number of diverse environments and usage models. To enhance adoption of Intel vPro, enterprise customers expect seamless integration of the Intel vPro solution into increasingly complex, large scale, and unique environments.

Today, Intel and ecosystem partners perform rigorous testing of Intel vPro components, OEM integration and ISV interoperability. These test and validation environments perform a valuable function to mitigate errors prior to and sometimes after the launch of Intel vPro platform. However, due to the rapid adoption of Intel vPro platform in complex enterprise environments, it is increasingly becoming important to validate the end-to-end Intel vPro platform solution in realistic end user environments.

To address this need, Intel now plans to extend testing to include enterprise scalability and system integration with the goal of resolving large scale enterprise issues proactively before mass end user adoption. This enterprise environment will consist of physical and virtual clients, including enterprise grade servers and networking, to simulate a realistic IT environment. Intel is targeting this environment to be used by Intel, ISV partners, OEM partners, and Intel's scaling and deployment partners (integrators and outsourcers) starting Q1-08. Going forward, Intel is planning on enhancing the environment to mimic a complex end user IT environment in collaboration with our ecosystem partners. We are soliciting interest from ecosystem partners in participating in the initiative. If this is of interest to you or your organization and would like additional information, feel free to contact Raghu K. Moorthy @

If this of interest to you - what are key scenarios you would like to validate in this environment?; how would you want to access this environment (remote / on-site) ?; what minimum hardware environment (e.g. min of 1000 PC's etc.) is essential to make this environment meaningful? ; What are the key extended testing conditions that needs to validated?


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