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Ideas for screencasts or podcasts


If a series of screencasts\podcasts were created on Intel vPro Expert Center - what would be most beneficial? The idea is to capture a presentation, short demonstration, quick impromptu or staged interview with someone, etc. These could be listed as resources on the site and allow comments\replies\questions to be posted and responded to.

Some ideas:

  • vPro Activation presentation - In connection with Quick Start Guide, a presentation on what is needed to activate vPro systems in an enterprise.

  • Configuring TLS security for manageability - Steps to configure Microsoft CA in standalone or enterprise mode

  • Remote Configuration - there's a blog post. Yet sometimes "seeing is believing"

  • Management console segments - a few examples of vPro use cases and they extend\enhance the existing capabilities within a management console

Other ideas from the community?

BTW: If you already have a screencast\podcast - let us know.

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Terry - I think that active screencasts showcasing some 'how to' scenarios would be excellent. Reading manuals is mandatory for end-users to setup environments, but 'seeing is believing'.

I'm pretty sure different ISV's have some demos on their sites, it would be great to pull the vPro based ones into this site.

Links such as Preparing the Environment for Out of Band Management Solution with Intel vPro AMT Technology have mutliple stages and would be a great opportunity to 'share the experience' for others.

There are already some great audio/video blogs about the Intel AMT DTK - I'd say, let's keep this momentum going!

I'd assume that most IT guys are pretty busy, and multiple shorter screencasts would be preferable to a few longer ones...

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