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CAMTDiscoveryWSMan::DoConnectToAMTDevice: Failed to establish tcp session to

Hello, I am testing vPRO with SCCM SP2 using in band provisioning. SCCM Server is in Domain Lab and Client is in Domain Corp. There is a one way trust between these domains. Domain Lab trusts domain Corp.

Following the Technet article we have provisioned all the required certificates. Ran in to few issues and searching through the web we resolved them.

Now the client oob log state "Successfully Activated the device".

On the server in amtoptmgr.log we see following error. "CAMTDiscoveryWSMan::DoConnectToAMTDevice: Failed to establish tcp session to"

Firewall folks tell me that the ports are open.

Is there a way to check the client to see if AMT is working properly to rule out any issues with client?

Thanks for your help.



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