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Cannot get core version response.

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Using altiris 6.0.6074 and intel amt. I have successfully discovered out of band machines and rolled out the oob agent. However i am getting an error whilst trying to provision the machines.

I have added the comodo certificate to the notification server and have created a profile with TLS turned on, however the machine are not being provisioned. In oob management > configuration > provisioning > intel AMT systems > intel amt systems, i can see both machine, they have the uuid, fqdn complete. the status of both machines is unprovisioned and autorised is false. When i try to re-provision the machines i get the error Another process is currently working on intel amt device.I'm now a little stuck as to what could be cauing the problem, any ideas?

I have attached the logs!!

also, when i try to re-provision the machine, i get the error that "another process is currently working on intel AMt device" i also get this when i try to un-provision the device.

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Are the machines you are trying to provision joined to your domain? I have seen the get core version response error when my systems is not joined to the domain.

Try the following to resolve your issue:

Manually unprovision your system through the ME.

Verify that the machines are joined to the domain.

Delete all references to your systems in Altiris.

Restart Altiris.

Restart your remote system provisioning process.

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yes the machines are joined to the domain, users are actually using the systems.