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Commander KVM Viewer redirect port, other questions


Help! Anyone!!!

Can someone tell me what the KVM Viewer Redirect Port in the Intel Manageability Commander tool is and how it works. I can get the KVM Viewer Standard port to work but not the Redirect Port. The KVM viewer screen opens but it never connects?

Also, what is the Alert Viewer under the FIle menu suppose to do and how do you make it work? Is this part of monitoring the network fiters/policies/watchdogs, etc.

Is there a manual for Commander anywhere???


Bill Nackers

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The KVM feature can work in one of two ways. One way is over the IANA-defined VNC Port (5900), or the "Standard Port". The other way is over Intel AMT redirection ports (16994 or 16995 depending if you are running TLS or not). The way KVM connects is different if the standard port or the redirection port. The connection on the standard port uses a RFB password, while the redirection ports add the usual Intel AMT authentication mechanism.

It is strange that the KVM redirect port is not working at all. Which version of Commander are you running? Are you connecting to your system using digest or Kerberos? Are you using any TLS or MTLS? What OS is are you running on?

The Alert Viewer is used to capture SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) events and other events monitored by AMT. When you are connected to a system go to the event log for the system and select "Alert Subscriptions". Then you should be able to subscribe for events for that system for the management console. The Alert Viewer will collect all of the events for all the systems that you have set up for subscription.

There is not a current manual for Commander, but Commander implements features from the AMT SDK, so a good place to look for some documentation is the AMT SDK documentation. Here is a link to the stand alone documentation

There is an older book called "Active Platform Management Demystified" This book uses an older version of commander to explore some of the AMT features, and can be used somewhat as a introduction manual. Just be warned, what you see in the book does not match up entirely to what is in Commander today.


Hi Stasia,

Thank you for your reply. I will attempt to answer your questions on Commander.

1. Commander doesn't display a version number but the MDTK I downloaded was the latests...7.0.11161.2.msi

2. Commander is running on Windows 7, 32bit

3. Really don't know the difference between Kerberos and digest. Sorry...I'm not an IT guy.

I can't set up Alert subscriptions. Under Event Log/Event Filter, if I click on Add Filter and attempt to add a filter, I receive the following error: AddEventFilter Returned: FAILED_WEB_CALL. If I click on Alert Subscription to use and existing Filter, I receive the attached error message.

Let me know if this works better with a different OS?

Bill Nackers


Basically Kerberos is when you are using your windows logon information and Digest is when you are just using a user name/password.

For the error you recieved it looks like a bug in Commander. It would be best to submit it to the Commander support team via This is our support email account where you can submit your Debug log file and details about the issue you are having. This support method helps us manage the defects and ensure we address each issue with the appropriate level of detail.


Hi, I've got the same problem.

I've got the DQ67OW Mainboard with latest bios update installed (0061).

Currently, no OS is installed on the machine. I configured local management only, so no kerberos etc. is used.

I can connect to the machine with realvnc viewer plus and it works fine (e.g. I can see the BIOS screen). I can also connect to the machine using the serial console in Manageability Commander Tool.

However, using the Manageability Commander Tool, I can't connect via KVM:

- Using the redirect port, KVM waits endlessly and it does nothing at all.

- If I want to use the standard port, it tells me that I have to set a password. If I set the password with the Manageability Commander Tool, it says:

"Unable to set the standard password"[...] Note: Password must be 8 characters long, ...

However, my Password corresponds to the password policy. It just does not work at all.

As realvnc viewer plus can connect using the Intel AMT mode, I would expect everything is configured right. So the Manageability Commander Tool should also work, but unfortunately it does not.


I also can't boot from a CD over network.

I tried this:

- Opened Manageability Terminal tool (serial console works)

- Disk redirect -> Change target CDROM to my cdrom-drive E: with a tested bootable ubuntu cd

- Remote reboot to redirect CD

The system says: "Reboot and Select proper boot device..."