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TLD is missing to authenticate in an 802.1x network


Hello everyone,

we are currently impementing AMT Clients (Versions 5.x - 7.x) with SCCM and Microsoft NPS in our 802.1x protected network. Everthing worked as expected (Provisioning OK, TLS OK, Kerberos OK, KVM OK Power Control OK) until now. The 802.1x authentication is failing because of an incorrect domain Name.

For example: Lets say our domain name (DNS) is NETBIOS Name is corpvro. Usually the clients are authentication with PEAP-MS-CHAPv2 using this notation: corpvro\COMPUTERNAME$. If AMT tries to authenticate the notation is: vrpo\COMPUTERNAME$iME. So it is using the DNS Name without the top level domain behind the dot. Now the NPS is saying "domain not exist" Errorcode 7 and drops the authentication attempt. Where could i have made a mistake, everything else is working as is should.

Thank you for your help....

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