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Confused about MotherBoard for my Processor Q9650 (vPro or HDMI??)

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I want to purchase Intel Q9650 but I am confused about compatible MotherBoard. Your website recommends using it with Q45 Series Boards. (

I chose DQ45CB but then I learnt that even DG45ID supports the same processor and has HDMI too but I could not find the comparison of the same processor with different MotherBoards.

I want to know:

  1. Which MotherBoard gives better performance with Q9650: DQ45CB OR DG45ID?
  2. Does DG45ID support vpro ?
  1. If vPro is all about remote control, I perhaps dont need it. I am support professional with Microsoft and want to deploy a virtual enviroment on Hyper-V on a 2008 machine for my host test enviroment. My interest in DG45ID grew because it supports HDMI but I am mainly concerned about performance otherwise. Please help. I am not a Hardware guy so i btw dont understand all this. Will really appreciate your help!



Please let me know so that I may make the purchase accordingly.

Thanks for your help and time!

With Regards,

Amit Saxena

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Hi Amit, looks like you found your answer on another thread:



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