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Confusing information on the vPro website


Hi all. I'm in the process of deploying Intel AMT/vPro and integrating it with SCCM 2012 SP1 to help overcome the major shortcomings of Wake On Lan. As I've begun my research I've been stunned by the difficulty of finding current and relevant information on the vPro website.

And I would think it's safe to assume that most places looking to implement vPro technologies are also using management solutions such as SCCM, Altiris, etc. But I've had to dig to find information on integrating them, and the information is anything but clear.


  • For example, before I've gotten started I was fortunate enough to stumble on information /thread/41775 here that says SCCM won't work for deployment of AMT 9 systems. But then /message/205118 here's a post about the SCS Add-on whose description indicates it may be able to correct this issue? Does that mean I can do the whole process from withing SCCM?


People don't need to be spoon-fed but this is a little much. Critical information should be prominent and easily obtained, not tucked into forum questions and download descriptions. Perhaps the website could have dedicated sections that focus on integrating with the major enterprise management tools? For something as mainstream as SCCM, which has vPro functionality built-in, I would assume this need is understandable.

vPro technologies are extremely useful and it's not an exaggeration to say every mid to large size company can benefit from using those features. But unfortunately from what I've seen vPro/AMT is heavily under-utilized and not nearly as popular as it should be. I would go so far as to say the reasons for that are the ambiguous documentation, and the lack of reliable integration with management applications admins already have in place.

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I'm sorry for the confusion regarding SCCM and AMT 9, I will try to clear that up.

SCCM by itself is not able to configure AMT 9 systems. This is because SCCM's built-in configuration service uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) during the configuration process. SOAP was deprecated in AMT 6, and was replaced with the Web Services Management (WS-Management) interface. Beginning with AMT 9.0 SOAP is no longer supported, as such SCCM's built-in configuration service is not able to configure them.

Now, using Intel SCS along with SCCM solves this problem. The job of the SCS Add-on is to automate the integration of SCS and SCCM. Once integrated, SCCM will leverage SCS to configure/unconfigure AMT systems. After the configuration process is done, SCCM will be able to manage your AMT 9 systems the same as previous generations.

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Honestly i was just checking to make sure that VT-d) isn't interfering with the installation of my 7870 HD XT BOOST and im more confused than when i started that doesnt happen too often here lol,

i get no image at all when connecting via HDMI tried dvi and vga works but thats horrid i mean i built it myself i just cant figure out this little quirk on the intel i-5 3300 onboard graphics. i also already uninstalled and reinstalled drivers got an image for about a minute then triangle saying gpu error pretty much what do i do its not dead the fans turn and ive been struggling with it for weeks and now im using the onboard u think i might have to upgrade my bios

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