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Deployment Assist could not continue on Intel® Workstation System P4304CR2LFKN



I bought an Intel workstation system P4304CR2LFKN.

It was a bit of a work to update the bios on it but now it is updated.

However, as soon as I modified the SDR and FRU, the PSU Fan speed went up the wall. Extremely noisy. Running on MAX rpm ALL THE TIME.

Also, I have two PCIE SSD raid cards that crash the Windows 8 startup everytime I install them in any slot.


ran Intel Active System Consol and I get a scrolling alert in the bottom of the screen that says "Critical: PCIE Fat sensor reports a Fatal PCI express Unexpected Completion Error"


Windows is running fine, but everytime I try to use the intel Deployment Assist CD, it stops and cannot continue.


Can anyone help here please? Is the problem with the Bios, BMC, Windows 8, or the actual board or what can do to investigate?



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