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Intel SCS and SCCM task sequences permanently stuck on client


I have an RCS server integrated with SCCM. It is largely working. However, on some number of SCCM clients, the Intel SCS task sequences get stuck in an "Installing" state forever, preventing any other software from being deployed. I have set timeouts on both the task sequence steps, and to the task sequence itself. Reviewing the logs, it appears that the task actually finished, but never reports back. This article; SCCM Task Sequence Hangs « describes a very similar scenario, except that in my case, tsmanager.exe is not running, thus i cannot stop it to resolve the issue. The only solution I have found is to reinstall the SCCM client. Normally, I would think this is an SCCM issue, but we have hundreds of packages and dozens of task sequences, but it is only the intel SCS ones that get stuck. Anyone experience anything similar, or have any suggestions on how to resolve?

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