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Disable / Suspend BitLocker using powershell in AMTGUI for IDER boot and easy reimage

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Hi vPro Experts,

This is really an interesting one. I have vpro clients (Win 7 Enterprise) with BitLocker enabled on them with single partition hard drives. I am trying to reimage a vpro PC using the VNC by means of mounting a windows ISO and resetting the clients to boot to CD/DVD. Unfortunately, the system doesnt boot into the ISO as the BitLocker senses the change in the boot order preferences and hence brings me to the BitLocker recovery key screen asking for the BitLocker recovery key. I provide the recovery key and it boots right into the windows already installed on the system instead of booting into the windows ISO in IDER option of the VNC.

I wish to skip the BitLocker asking for the recovery key screen when I try to use the IDER by disabling the BitLocker protection using the command line "manage-bde -protectors -disable c:" much before booting into the windows ISO using the IDER in VNC. Is there a way to use the AMTGUI / Editor and the windows script file C:\windows\system32\manage-bde.wsf to send the command to the vpro client in order to disable/suspend the BitLocker on the drive.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Mohammed,

We have a solution to bypass this using the Power Shell. However, the module is currently under development and scheduled to release sometime within the next 2 months. When it is release I will provide you the download link.

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May I know if the powershell script you've been working on, is ready yet and If I could have it?