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How to copy file to AMT machine


Test environment:

HW: HP DC7800 and HP6910p

SW: Intel AMT Developer tool kit

How to copy file to AMT machine? when can we get the command.

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Hi and welcome to the forums.

As far as I am aware there is no direct command to copy a file onto a vPro machine using only the APIs provided by iAMT.

There are however several other ways to do this (and I am sure the community can come up with more)

  1. Use IDE-R to boot to a linux live-cd, then ssh or vnc onto the PC and copy the file as you normally would

  2. Use IDE-R to boot to a Win-PE, then remote desktop or vnc onto the PC and copy the file as you normally would

  3. Use SOL+IDE-R to boot into DOS environment. Make sure it has got NTFS drivers and just copy the file from the image onto the machine.

  4. force the machine to PXE-boot into any of the above environments.

  5. Some ISVs have got their own boot images to fix things (one example of this would be Altiris). Use iAMT to boot the machine and their tools to copy the file.

Any else got some more ideas?

PS: two posts on the same topic normally don't speed up replies.