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How to perform two-stage boot with Dell OptiPlex 990?


Referring to the example here: /docs/DOC-5552 I have been attempting to get a two-stage boot process operational on a Dell OptiPlex 990 to try and speed up the process of getting a system into WinPE via ISO image for the purpose of reimaging automatically.

I spent many hours rebuilding the source files for the Linux loader and attempting to insert network drivers for the OptiPlex 990, but the error message that continued to appear was related to there apparently being no network adapters present (i.e. probably no valid driver loaded).

Could anyone explain how I might tailor the example with a correct network driver, or suggest an alternative approach for quickly loading a network driver into a system which can then allow the main WinPE image to be piped over quickly?



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We are going to release two-stage boot support for your Dell OptiPlex 990 shortly. You are correct that you need network support for your system. You could integrate a newer kernel version with the existing ISO that supports your network card. Linux kernels 2.6.37 or greater will provide network support for your system.

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