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IDE remote boot to Win7 ISO results in unexpected IO error


Hi, I am having problems remote booting to a mounted Windows 7 ISO install image.

DELL OptiPlex 980, BIOS A04, default BIOS settings, ME/AMT configured.

Remote KVM using VNC Viewer Plus 1.1.0 on Win7 x64.

Connect using VNC, mount Win7 Ultimate x64 ISO image, select reset and boot to DVD.

System reboots, boot message stating booting from remote IDE, see press any key to boot from CD boot message, press space.

Window encountered a problem communicating with a device...


File: \Boot\BCD

Status: 0xc00000e9

Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred.

I tried booting a Win7 ISO and a W2K8R2 ISO, same problem.

If however I boot to a Win XP SP3 ISO, it boots fine.

How do I configure the system to remote ISO boot a Win7/W2K8R2 image?


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You said 'mounted ISO'. So when you do the ider session you are choosing the mounted drive and not the ISO itself? Have you tried redirecting to the ISO itself?

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There was an issue in the Redirection library (IMRSDK.dll) when using a disk over 2G. It will cause the error you are seeing. It has been fixed in the next version of the library, so once RealVNC takes it the issue should go away.

In the mean time there may be other options depending on what you are trying to do. Fox example, to install Win7 remotely, you could copy all Win7 install files to a network share. Then, /docs/DOC-5095 build a WinPE disk with network drivers. Use IDEr to boot WinPE. From WinPE map to your share and run setup. Not only will this get Win7 installed remotly, but it will also be faster than it would if you purley used IDEr. BTW - with /docs/DOC-5552 2 stage boot, your WinPE will boot really fast as well.

If you're trying to acomplish another task, let me know and I'll try to help with a work around.

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