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If you could add one more feature to vPro & AMT...

What would it be and how would it better enhance the management & security of your environment?

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Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant UPDATE
Aug 5 2020 – There is an update for Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant and can be downloaded here which includes the enhancements for the following issues: • Issue waking Truly LANless devices wirelessly • Intel® AMT page displaying incomplete information on XEON workstations We recommend upgrading to version as soon as possible to take advantage of the improvements.
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Community Manager

Re: If you could add one more feature to vPro & AMT...

Automated remote BIOS password changes.

BIOS passwords are leaked from time to time, whether it's by accident or policy. Changing BIOS passwords across 1000s of machines manually is virtually impossible. An automated mechanism for this would be great.

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