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Importing PID-PPS security keys


Sorry for such a basic question but I just starting getting vPro machines from Dell that have been OEM Pre-Provisioned. I now need to import the PID-PPS keys from the csv report Dell sent me into my Altiris 7 infrastructure. I have tried to import the csv file but keep getting the error "Invalid File Format." I thought I read somewhere that I need a .bin file. So my question is do I need Dell to recreate the file as .bin (because renaming the file to a .bin doesn't work), or is there a converter tool I can use? Or is there any way to use the csv file?

Thanks for the help

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Would you tell me csv file format that dell sent you? Does it only contain PID and PPS? or contain other column such like GUID of the machine or Serial Number of the machine? Does it have expalnation for each column at very beginning og the csv file(e.g. "pid, pps")? pid and pps is separated by "-" for every 4 characters? For security reason, I don't want to get real csv file, but if you give me pseudo csv file(changing pid and pps accordingly) that contains a few pid,pps pair, that would be very helpful for me. I am now trying to develop utility to convert csv file to setup.bin that you can import it to Altiris 7 console.

Thanks in advance

Cohei mailto:Kishikawa@Intel Kishikawa@Intel Japan

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See post at /community/openportit/vproexpert/activation/blog/2009/07/28/dell-cfi-process-generate-csv-not-bin-file

As to the original format of the Dell CFI generated CSV file - it contains PID, PPS, and password.