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Integration SCCM SP1 2007, SCOM 2007 and vPro clients



There is some documentation about the integration of SCCM sp1, SCOM 2007 with the vPro?

I want to manage and provision clients by SCCM and capture the alerts, create policies for the system defense using SCOM 2007.

I got capture the alerts working in small business mode, but now I work in enterprise mode with kerberos authentication.

Anyone have any idea?


Mara Silveira

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Hello Mara,

Thanks for your post. I understand, at a high level, what it is you'd like to achieve, but I'm not quite sure where specifically you need help. Are you looking for information on how to configure the AMT Alerting using Configuration Manager?

As you're probably already aware, ConfigMgr does not specifically support the configuration of AMT alerting during the provisioning process. That said, not all hope is lost. Once ConfigMgr provisions the device, you can still connect to it with other tools (eg. Intel AMT Developer Toolkit or your own custom Powershell scripts) and can configure the other AMT features that ConfigMgr doesn't support.

Unfortunately, I do not have specific experience with programmatically configuring AMT Alerting, but I'm sure that it's not too hard to figure out either. If I find something out, I will be sure to post it, but I haven't had a lot of time to research AMT-related stuff recently.

FYI, ConfigMgr Service Pack 2 (SP2) will be including support for additional Intel AMT features. They are implementing support for 802.1x profiles, and 802.11 profile configuration. This doesn't include the alerting configuration that you're looking for, but perhaps they will include it in a future version of ConfigMgr


If this doesn't answer your question, please let me know how else I can help you!

Trevor Sullivan

Systems Engineer

OfficeMax Corporation

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Hi Trevor,

Thank you for your post.

The environment that I would have is:

The machines will be provisioned by SCCM so I can manage them through it: software distribution, update bios, power on, power off, redirection, get inventory of machines. But in the ConfigMgr I can't capture the alerts that a vPro machine can (SNMP trap). To do that I need another tool to help me to see these alerts, that is the case of System Center Operations Manager (SCOM 2007).

I can perform this test, using an SMS 2003 and SCOM 2007, both working in small business mode.

I installed the add-on on SMS 2003, configured user and password, provision the machine to work in small business mode, and installed the Intel AMT Management Pack SCOM in 2007, also configured user and password, made the discovery and found the vPro device. After that I could see the alerts, as:

Password attack - when the password is wrong for 5 times to access the web ui

Cover tamp - machine flip open (the machine must have open lid sensor)

DIMM missing - memory failure

Link Up - when the network cable is plugged, and so on.

As I said, on small business I can do it, which also has shown in some places. But as almost all the companies are using the ConfigMgr which works only in enterprise mode, you must configure the management pack SCOM of 2007 also to work in enterprise mode with TLS.

So when I enable the Management Pack in tls mode, indicate the certificate and do the discovery, nothing happens.I can't see the vPro machine and didn't appear any error anywhere! I've already looked on the event viewer, logs, but has no error.

I read the following documentation: Intel ® Active Management Technology Management Pack for Microsoft * System Center

Operations Manager and System Center Essentials - Installation and User's Guide, but I don't have success, so I am asking for help.


Mara Silveira



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