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Intel vPro - Best Practice Deployment




I've recently installed the Intel SCS Add-on for SCCM 2012 and was curious what the best practice is for deploying vPro.

I had planned on pushing out the System Discovery (SystemDiscovery.exe) script, then target the vPro machines with the Intel AMT Management component package & the configurator package. However, I see that SCS Add-on includes some task sequences which might be useful. One of these is System Discovery but it uses the ACUConfig.exe executable, which requires the machine to already have a record in SCS Database so that it can update some of the details. So, does this mean I should run both, SystemDiscovery.exe & ACUConfig.exe for system discovery??

Can anyone recommend a best method for deployment?



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Hi Jim,

Sorry about the delay, but best practice would be to use the included task sequence. There are two main ways of doing a system discovery using ACUConfig. The default way (the way the task sequence runs system discovery) stores the data locally in the registry. The other way is to have ACUConfig report back to the SCS server (this requires the computer to already be configured, and have a record in the SCS database) and update the clients information.

Using the discovery task sequence will allow SCCM to discover Intel AMT systems and add them to the correct collections.


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