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IntelAMT database migration - MSSQL Server 2005

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Has anyone migrated an IntelAMT database from one MSSQL Server to another?

We currently use Altiris Notification Server 6 and Intel AMT SCS 3.3.2 on an Application Server, with the databases held on a development database server hosted by MSSQL Server 2005. We now want to move the databases up to our QA environment, followed by a move to production.

The Altiris database migration process is well documented, but as far as I can see, the way to migrate the IntelAMT database is to run the setup again for SCS and set the existing database location to the new QA server. Is this correct?

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Well I ran the setup again for the version of the SCS we are using (3.3.3)

First thing I ran into was the need for a database SA or equivalent account which was supplied the database team. Otherwise the setup will run to completion and then give an error requesting the need for correct DB permissions.

The setup then ran to completion, but with an error part way through where the service failed to update correctly. This left the install completed but without a functioning service.

I've now uninstalled the SCS using the AMTConfServer.exe and also Add/Remove programs. I'll let you know how I get on with the reinstall and redirection.


Take a look at

Also - does your Active Directory or other security items change from test to QA to production?

If so - might need to utilize the "database.exe" tool reference in the article

Hope that helps