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NUC8v5PNK - AMT - Install Win 10 - Media driver your computer needs is missing...RESOLVED!


This is more of an FYI - Information piece than a question.

While attempting to install Win 10 using AMT (ver 12) on an Intel NUC8v5PNK, I would receive the error "A media driver your computer needs is missing". Searching for this error I found many articles here on the Intel forums and also others in general on the Internet....even this KB from Microsoft itself: . Most of these articles eluded to the problem being that the ISO file was corrupt. Note that I am using MeshCommander to connect to AMT and using Remote Desktop and IDER to push the ISO to the NUC.


I tried and tested many scenarios to resolve this issue:

  • Downloaded the ISO file directly from the Win 10 Download site.
  • Used the most recent Media Creation Tool (Win Ver 1909) to create the ISO, and tried multiple downloads / ISO creation.

After many attempts and not being successful, I decided to try it from another machine...and this time it was SUCCESSFUL. This second machine did NOT have AV software installed. My original machine has Sophos Central Intercept X, so I disabled all the Sophos protection and pushed the install thru MeshCommander (same as mentioned above). This is also successful (actually currently running the install as I write this).


I always doubted that the ISO file would be corrupt, as I usually build USB sticks with the installation (and that was going to be my next attept if I didn't get past this issue push thru AMT).


So in summary....when using AMT / MeshCommander to install the OS remotely, DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS.


I hope this helps others who have struggled with this.




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Hello LThib1,


Thank you for posting in the Intel Community.


We appreciate the feedback that you have provided, we will share this information with the appropriate team and continue to assist you with your internal case.



Leonardo C.


Intel Customer Support Technician

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