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Not all hard disk LEDs work


I have an Intel SR2500 server platform, the RAID controller is SRCSATAWB. The server has the hotswap drive bays installed with 6 drives, including the 6th drive kit.

The RAID controller is configured with 6 hard disks, of which 1 hard is presented to the OS as-is, and the other 5 are configured in an RAID5 array.

I'm just wondering why it is that, after creating the RAID 5 array, during the background init the LEDs of only 3 of the 5 disks in the RAID5 array are solid green? The RAID controller shows the status of all 6 drives as being healthy and happy.

Also, if I copy the contents of a CD, 600 MB, to that RAID5 drive, it's the same thing, still only 3 of the 5 drives' LEDs light solid green during the copy.

Can anyone explain this behavior, as on my other servers the LEDs of all the drives that are configured in a RAID5 array are solid green during background init.

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