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OOB Showing as 'Detected', not 'Externally Provisioned'

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Hi Everyone,

I've just run the INtel AMT: Configuration task sequence and that's worked successfully but it's showing up as 'detected' instead of 'externally provisioned'. I've had a look at the AMTOPMGR.log and I'm getting the following logs.

If anyone could please let me know what the best way to get this up and running, that would be great.

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Please make sure that you have:

  1. disabled provisioning for AMT Based computers in Device Collections Properties Out of Band Management tab ?
  2. Added AD Group that contains SCCM Primary site server computer account into AMT ACL with at least General Info Realm in AMT profile that you used to configure AMT?

See About the AMT Status and Out of Band Management in Configuration Manager :

The AMT status is determined when the AMT discovery process runs, which uses the following accounts in the order specified:

  • AMT Remote Admin Account (digest AMT admin account) (this will not work as SCCM didn't configured AMT so it does not know AMT Digest Administrator password configured by Intel SCS.
  • computer account of the out of band service point - this is what you need to use by adding SCCM Primary site server runinning OOB service point computer account into AD group that is added to AMT ACL list.
  • AMT Provisioning and Discovery Account (added via Provisioning ) (Digest accounts + passwords that are configured in AMT (via SCS) and added into SCCM OOB Role settings via Provisioning tab.


Dariusz Wittek


Intel EMEA Biz Client Solution Architect
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Yes, I've done that. Still no difference though.