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Out of band management - design clarifications




We are planning to implement Out of band management and use SCCM add on package to configure devices and Intel platform solution manager to manage devices. We came up with below questions and i am trying to find answer. Appreciate if you can point to document or article that would help clarify some of the questions. Thank you.


  • As part of creating Intel AMT Configuration profile, an Active directory OU is specified. What information gets written to this OU. I have seen machine accounts in this OU. Does this move the machine out of existing OU or is it just an duplicate entire

  • We specify a certificate when profile is created, is there a document or article that explains the process of how the clients gets authenticated.

  • If the profile information is written to the non-volatile memory of the chipset, how this information can be revoked. Is un-provisioning the only method to take the data back.
  • How certificates information in the chip can be removed
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