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Problem with certificates and SSO



I found that we have problem with SSO and with provisioning certificate validation as well.

After using AMT for several months (more than three thousand configured systems) we are unable to configure new system (hotfix for SCS was used and problem with AD object was solved by it). It ends like that:

Exit with code 75. Details: Failed to complete remote configuration of this Intel(R) AMT device. Failed while calling WS-Management call GetAmtVersion (CIM_SoftwareIdentity.Get). Intel(R) AMT connection error 0xc000521f: An SSL error occurred. Verify the username and password, and the PSK or certificate settings, where applicable. Valid certificate for PKI configuration not found. Initial connection to the Intel(R) AMT device failed. A TCP error occurred. Make sure that the destination settings are correct and that a network connection exists to the target. Valid certificates for SSL connection not found.

Curious thing about that is Windows 10 systems works fine so far, but Windows 7 systems fails with this error. Despite this, I was able to configure some W7 systems without any changes - so I think that was only a lucky try...

Similar thing is with access to web UI - SSO is unable to check user (previously and newly configured systems), "admin" user without SSO works fine. This behavior is same for W7 and W10.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions why is AMT unable to work with kerberos authentication? It look like both problems have same root cause...


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