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Processor Spec Finder Missing Data?

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I'm looking at buying a refurb server but I'm a bit confused by the processor spec finder. For example, I was sure all but the oldest NetBurst (P4) 400FSB Xeons had hyper threading, but procesor SL84W isn't showing hyper-threading in its spec list. I'm also fairly sure this processor supports EM64T as well as some other features on the list, so I'm unsure as to why they aren't listed.

This is making things rather difficult for me, to say the least - am I just missing something? If not, shouldn't the processors indexed in the spec finder at least have their specs set properly?


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Hi Mike,

Your question is more specific to a processor and I would encourage you to post your questions regarding CPUs in our Processors' Community (/community/tech/processors

Furthermore, Xeon CPUs with the frequency of 3.66GHz, there are only two CPUs listed with sSpec # : SL84W and SL8UN, both of which are processed under 90nm manufacturing technology with 667MHz FSB however I am not very sure that either of them support HT and are 64Bit CPUs.

The list of Xeon CPUs that support HT and are 64Bit is as follows:

However just to ensure that either CPU supports 64Bit or HT, you can contact the support team via following channels:

Live Chat Support:

Phone Support:

Thank you and have a nice day!


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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Hi, best to check on its more in depth. according to ark that SL is 64b and HT enabled

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