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Q9550 Thermal paste clean up


I resentlly upgraded my cpu cooler the cooler was to big for my board,so I went to install the stock cooler and will cleaning all the thermal paste from the CPU I noticed that some of the paste got onto the cpu's contact points.I need to know the best way to clean off the contacts so as not to short out the cpu.Any help will me much appreciated.

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Hi Echo10,

First of all, FYI this community is solely dedicated to Intel vPro technology and it's related issues. Your query is typically intended for our Processors community and I would encourage you to post your queries regarding Processors next time there to receive a prompt response.

Now, reverting to your question, if you mean contact points on the CPU, you can buy TIM removal fluid and wipe it off with tissue paper and though its not electrically conductive, one or two pins may not get the proper connection depending on the amount of compound that covered the pins. This would render your CPU inoperable. It would be worse if you get TIM on the pins in the socket. This means no more CPU for that board.

Conclusion: You need to clean the bottom of the CPU as soon as possible, with correct compound.

Be it the motherboard or CPU, I can not guarantee you that TIM would make it work but you can give it a try at your own risk. Intel shall not be held responsible in any case or perhaps the best you can do is contact your local Intel reseller from whom you purchased your computer and check if you can get it serviced at their risk which I am not sure if the reseller would be willing to take any responsibility of.

Hope this helps, feel free to contact us for any queries in future; best of luck!


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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