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Redirection Port can't be opened -- Not Permitted



Cutomer met a problem on Lenovo M8000T(Q45) with Q9500 CPU: redirection port can't be opened after provisioning in enterprise mode, the return error code was 16, which means the required action was not permitted. See below pic.

When tested with MDTK Commander tool, SOL and IDER both was able to be enabled or disabled successfully, but same error message was gotten when trying to enable redirection port.

After changed the CPU to Q9550 (same machine), all worked well.

Another information was that customer said AMT redirection works well in SMB mode on same machine with Q9500. Very confused.

There are no any Q9500 CPU in my hands, so not able to verify the issue. On same type machine, I tried Q9300, Q9400, both works.

Does anyone know why? Is it caused by CPU or maybe it is a hw bug from OEM?

Thanks a lots.


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I believe the issue is based on a default change with how the redirection port is made available. in early versions of iAMT the redirection port command included a default switch that enabled the listener as part of the command. for security reasons that automatic string is removed, prior to opening a redirection port you now need to enable the redirection listener port then you can open a sol session. try that and let me know if that works

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